Using AI to power the future of product development


Know how your products will do, before launch

By applying proprietary AI to social images and consumer commentary, Cherry Pick enables you to measure the demand for products, before they launch.

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"The closest thing to a crystal ball that we’ve seen.”
-Scott Kestenbaum, SVP, Maesa Group


Know what talent should launch which products and where

Our technology allows you to evaluate which talent are best suited to launch new products, and which products best to launch, direct to consumer and even with which retailer.

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We are social listening Future.0

Our specific AI solutions are designed around beauty consumers and the way they interact with products on social, which is distinctively different from other social listening companies.

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Currently tracking 50,881 beauty products, across 1,616,424 images and videos, with over 78,647,700 comments.

Packages & Pricing

Flexible month-to-month and annual payment plans.
Starting at $750/month.


De-risk and optimize product development roadmaps for new and existing brands without demographic data.


Track and monitor how product launches affect the desirability of your brand before sales data is even available.

Understand the market

Gain insight into the brands, retailers, and talent that are winning or losing desirability and understand which products drive those trends.

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Stay up to date with our predictive beauty intelligence, and find out if you rank in our monthly Top 10’s.